About Us

SoccerPets.com was created in 1999 by Newcastle Upon Tyne based designer Peter Birney. Loved by the media and pet owners alike, the site has been a tremendous success and there are now tens of thousands of pets all over the world proudly wearing their team's colours. For the last year we've been offering dog coats made by up-cycling sports shirts. They were so popular we came to the attention of the Premier League who informed us we aren't allowed to sell them without their permission. We don't have it, so now we sell sports shirts, with an option of converting them into dog coats once you've bought them. You can do what you like to your sports shirt including paying us to turn it into a dog coat, but please be aware you aren't then allowed to sell them. But don't worry, the dog won't let you!

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telephone: UK 0191 2811 640

outside UK 00 44 191 2811640


123 Grosvenor Road


Newcastle Upon Tyne