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PLEASE NOTE: offered for sale are sports shirts. If you want them converted into a dog coat you must purchase a shirt first , AND then pay £14.99 for the dog coat conversion.You need to tell us the length of your dog (or breed), and your dog's name if you want it added to your shirt (free). For a perfect fit you should measure your dog along their back whilst they're standing, from collar to the base of the tail. The stomach and neck straps are adjustable and will fit any dog. We can add holes for harnesses on request.
We have shirts for most sports teams and have new stock arriving daily, if you can't find a shirt for the team or size you require just message us.
PLEASE NOTE: we make dog coats but have no links to any sports club or any other company.
We are not authorised to sell you a dog football shirt, but once you have purchased a shirt you can do what you like with it, including paying us to turn it into a luxury dog coat. They're lined with fleece, and have waterproof nylon hidden in between the 2 layers of fabric, keeping your dog dry (as sports shirts aren't waterproof).
You can legally pay us to upcycle your clothes, but for branded shirts including all sports shirts, you are then not allowed to sell it. But don't worry, they're the business, and your dog won't let you!
PRICES: Dog coat made from a shirt purchased from us £14.99. PLEASE NOTE: You must purchase one of our shirts first.. eg If your dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier measuring 16" Long from collar to tail, a used shirt measuring 18" in length will be big enough and cost £17, then add the dog-coat upcycling for £14.99, so the total cost will be £31.99. The maximum length available for each shirt is stated next to each listing, you must select a shirt the same length as your dog or bigger.
Or alternatively, you can have your dog coat made from your own shirt you send us. We'll let you know when it's ready and you can then pay £25. Customers sending shirts from outside the UK will have to pay for any tax we are charged when we receive them.

Any questions peter@soccerpets.com

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